About CallerIDFaker

We are a brand new company with years of telecommunication experience. It goes like this: we are a group of techies who love working with the latest platforms and technologies, and who wanted to take the best of what was on the market and put it together and create one unbelievably fun product. Yes, we wanted to be able to do everything that the other guys do, to be able to change Caller IDs, to really be able to disguise our voices, and record our calls BUT we wanted to make it FREE!


We are located in the heart of New Jersey and need good laughs to make it through the crazy stress of each day. So we assembled a team of the best and what you see is the result of a true labor of love and a lot of hard work. We're delighted with our new company and our new product and we know you will be too. We hope that Caller ID Faker is just the beginning.