Welcome to CallerIDFaker.com

What is CallerIDFaker?
It's just what it says, plus a whole lot more. Yeah, you're used to your phone number showing up as your Caller ID on other people's phones. And you know that you can block that Caller ID. But NOW, using the latest technology you can choose any number you want to appear. You can choose 123-456-7890 or your best friends number or anything you like. But the features don't stop there. We added one of the best voice changers you can find anywhere. Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's by far the best that's available. And last but not least, you have the option to record your calls whenever you want.


How does CallerIDFaker work?
It's quite simple. First, the call is not placed through the computer but from your cell or home phone. So the first thing to do is enter the number of the phone that you will be using to make your call with in the "My Phone Number" field. Next it asks you to enter the number of the person you're calling. Well, that's pretty simple. Next, you choose the "Fake Caller ID." Yep. It's as simple as that. Choose any 10 digits and that's what will show up on their Caller ID when you call them. Thenchoose whether or not to keep your own voice or change it to sound like a man or a woman. The next step is choosing if you want to have the call recorded and emailed to you. If you do, just put in a valid email address and check your email after the call is over. Last, are a few questions that help our marketing, and then a check of the terms and conditions. After all that click "Place Call". You will then be given a number to dial that is not the number of the person you are calling to fake out. The first thing you will hear when you dial this number is a short 10 second advertisement. Don't hang up! After the ad is over we will then connect your call. Remember that the call will cut off after 2 minutes. If you have a use for CallerIDFaker more than 2 minutes, or the ads drive you nuts, or if you want some of our additional options, then you may want to think about purchasing our Premium Plan.